5 Ways Meditation Keeps Me Creative

The creative process is one that fluctuates in its attributes every time I visit it. There are times when my ideas flow quickly and naturally. There are other times when I feel that I cannot come up with a creative idea to save my life. These are normal in the arena of creativity, but they have bred some unhealthy, self-deprecating feelings about myself in association with being creative.

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"Like A Boy" An Androgynous Transformation | .001

I have always been a performer. I loved being in my school plays and dancing at the New Jersey State Theater for my recitals. As an adult, not much has changed. I perform in my daily life in one way or another, but I've always wanted to take it to the "next level." 

The idea for this shoot came while thinking about what I love and in turn, what I want to share on my YouTube channel. At my core, I am an artist; that is what I love - what I'm passionate about. I want to share my art with you in whatever medium it decides to come. This is one of the many brain children I want to share. 

Photos and music inspire me the most, but browsing Pinterest sure does have an influence on where my next project will take me. 

Nicole Whitehall, Like A Boy | An Androgynous Look

In this androgynous creation, I wanted to come off harder than my soft interior mixed with the boyish girl I was at 12-years-old. Needless to say. I believe I achieved both of those things.

leaf_031972 bw.jpg

Take a look at the video showing how it all came together.

What do you think about how my transformation came out?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.