Thank You


1 month ago, I released my first short film - Black Girl Magic. I thought it would be the view of a world I see changing through my lens. Really, I’ve learned that it is only a view of a world that has stayed the same. Progression is occurring in ways that we don’t notice at times, but an inch feels like a mile in these shoes.

Despite the pain I felt writing and filming this story, it will go down as one of the greatest experiences of my life and you are part of that. I didn’t post the video to get views, recognition or compliments. I created this to share my story and the response was overwhelming.

Thank you for commenting, thank you for stopping me in the hallways, thank you for calling. Thank you for letting me know that this means something to you. I appreciate you sharing your own stories with me. You inspire me. You remind me that everything is greater than what I perceive as capable of defeating me or my morale.

The process of completing and sharing this project with you has shown me that not only are black girls magic, but in one small way or another - we all are. What I know for sure now is that we have a clear responsibility to share our magic with each other.

I’m on a mission. A mission to be an open book. To share my life experiences in hopes that they will uplift, inform and inspire someone else the way you have inspired me.

I once thought that the greatest gift I had been given was the ability to create art, but in fact the greatest gift of all has been the ability to share it.

Thank you.